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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"40 Days of Missions": Sowing Seeds

We are into the third week of the “40 Days of Missions Program. I am excited that we have exceeded our target number of 20 students. This tells me that excitement about the MTC programs are beginning to take root in local churches. Former students have returned, and they have advertised the program to others by word of mouth.  They clearly place high value on the learning they have experienced here.

Returning students are sharing wonderful testimonies of the impact of the Evangelism and Church Planting training they attended last November/December.  As a result of that training, four churches were planted In Apac pastorate in December and January.

The students are showing a hunger for a bigger vision beyond their local perspective.  They are opening their hearts and minds to global needs to reach peoples and nations with the gospel. I believe that important seeds are being sown, and I am very optimistic that they will germinate in an outflow of missions sending from the Church in Africa.

- Simon Peter Emiau

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